The Skinny on Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and yams are actually two very different vegetables.

While American grocery stores use the terms interchangeably, what they are always referring to is actually a sweet potato, not a yam. Garnet Yams and Jewel Yams, for instance, aren’t yams at all — they’re sweet potatoes! Candied Yams? Nope, sweet potatoes. Confused yet?

In fact, chances are that you’ll never accidentally buy an actual yam instead of a sweet potato at your local grocery. You can find “true” yams as well as other varities of sweet potatoes in Caribbean and Asian specialty grocery stores.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


It's hard to find YAM recipes, but it's easy as SWEET POTATO PIE to find sweet potato recipes! Please ignore any instances of the word "yam" because, I assure you, they're all talking about sweet potatoes.

FOR THE RECORD: Some people call the deeper orange, red-skinned sweet potatoes (Garnet Yams [not a yam]) "yams," but call the lighter-skinned and paler-fleshed sweet potatoes (Jewel Yams [not a yam]) "sweet potatoes," to differentiate between them. But they're both just sweet potatoes, okay?? OKAY??

Sweet Potato Pie with Pecan Topping from Simply Recipes

Maple-Glazed YamsSweet Potatoes with Pecan Topping also from Simply Recipes

Sweet Potato and Cornbread Stuffing, which was ALMOST the recipe I featured on the flyers.

A slew of other recipes from the same site.

Sweet Potato Pie from, which IS featured on the flyer.

Sweet Potato Apple Casserole from Food Musings.


Anonymous said...

I bet you could make sweet potato jam. just a thought. but if you can do it with pumpkin why not sweet potato. (p.s. although incorrect, yam jam would be a pathetically funny name)

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