The Skinny on Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and yams are actually two very different vegetables.

While American grocery stores use the terms interchangeably, what they are always referring to is actually a sweet potato, not a yam. Garnet Yams and Jewel Yams, for instance, aren’t yams at all — they’re sweet potatoes! Candied Yams? Nope, sweet potatoes. Confused yet?

In fact, chances are that you’ll never accidentally buy an actual yam instead of a sweet potato at your local grocery. You can find “true” yams as well as other varities of sweet potatoes in Caribbean and Asian specialty grocery stores.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I've updated the look of the flyers from last year, edited some things, removed others and added some new information. I also changed the recipe for sweet potatoes to a sweet potato cornbread dressing, which I plan on using for the vegetarian dressing for Thanksgiving this year.

It's black and white so it won't use much ink, and I've included cropmarks so you know where to cut in order to get three mini flyers.

Download the flyer here!

Here's how it looks when printed on neat Greengrocer's Brown Bag Paper in Kraft:

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jjd49660 said...

Oh no!!! The link no longer is valid! Please let me know if this flyer is available anywhere else for printing.
Thank you!

Joe Dumas
Port City Organics Real Food Market
Manistee, MI