Let's pretend I talked about why I've been MIA on this blog for so long. Now, moving right along!

I linked to, included on the flyer, and made the Creamy Sweet Potato Soup for Thanksgiving last year. As expected, the family (12 or so large) was up in arms about not having "candied yams" complete with marshmallows. They weren't happy about it... until they had this soup. I think most of them were humoring me, but man I'm telling you, they followed me back into the kitchen for seconds while I was finishing up all the cooking for the actual dinner.

Basically it was fantastic, just delicious. Don't wait for Thanksgiving to make it, but trust me that your relatives will get over the lack of sugary sweet potatoes and toasted marshmallow topping if you serve them this soup. It's going to be my new way of keeping them from bothering me about when the turkey's going to be done.