The Skinny on Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and yams are actually two very different vegetables.

While American grocery stores use the terms interchangeably, what they are always referring to is actually a sweet potato, not a yam. Garnet Yams and Jewel Yams, for instance, aren’t yams at all — they’re sweet potatoes! Candied Yams? Nope, sweet potatoes. Confused yet?

In fact, chances are that you’ll never accidentally buy an actual yam instead of a sweet potato at your local grocery. You can find “true” yams as well as other varities of sweet potatoes in Caribbean and Asian specialty grocery stores.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Sweet potato gnocchi over at the Sassy Radish, via CRAFT.


ciaobabie said...

can you tell me if a garnet or jewel "yam" can have partially yellowish/white flesh? i cut one open and it was a third that color. i discarded that part because i wasn't sure if something was wrong with it!

Derrick said...

I absolutely love Sweet Potato's it is as simple as that. Mash them, boil them, bake them, or fry them, combine them with other vegetables; you can eat them as you want. Try making sweet potato pie, bread, muffins or pudding. They are a yummy treat!

fried sweet potato fries said...

Sweet potato is a great plant I ever know. We can turn it to a great side dish and even perfect meal for daily menu. And look on the picture, you've made me hungry already.