Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Sweet potato gnocchi over at the Sassy Radish, via CRAFT.


ciaobabie said…
can you tell me if a garnet or jewel "yam" can have partially yellowish/white flesh? i cut one open and it was a third that color. i discarded that part because i wasn't sure if something was wrong with it!
Derrick said…
I absolutely love Sweet Potato's it is as simple as that. Mash them, boil them, bake them, or fry them, combine them with other vegetables; you can eat them as you want. Try making sweet potato pie, bread, muffins or pudding. They are a yummy treat! http://sweetpotatopurplepotato.com
Sweet potato is a great plant I ever know. We can turn it to a great side dish and even perfect meal for daily menu. And look on the picture, you've made me hungry already.